A word about Viewmasters

ViewMasters are a classic toy that have been entertaining children and adults alike since their introduction in 1939. Originally designed to display 3D images of tourist attractions, ViewMasters have expanded their range to include popular media franchises such as Disney and Star Wars.

The way ViewMasters work is by using reels containing 14 pairs of stereoscopic images. When viewed through the lens, the reels give the illusion of 3D depth, making the images come to life.

Aside from entertainment, ViewMasters have also been used in education, particularly for teaching science concepts. In fact, NASA even created reels showing images of the moon and other celestial bodies to train astronauts for space missions.

ViewMasters may have evolved over the years, but they still remain a timeless toy that is loved by generations. So why not take a trip down memory lane and revisit your childhood with a classic ViewMaster?

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