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So years after I probably should have, I’m finally starting a website. I’ll try to be a conscientious maintainer of it, I promise. I’ll be adding journal entries, news on current and future projects, wry observations on art and life, reviews of other peoples’ work that I find favorable (nothing negative), and other things that I hope will entertain. Oh, and check out the section on this site with my unpublished work; film and comic projects that never saw the light of day for one reason or another. It’s nice to finally get them out there, even in this limited format.

However, while I’m on the subject of doing my website, I will confess a certain apprehension. Not so much in the undertaking itself, but in the underlying motives for doing it in the first place. 

A movie I love and would urge you all to see is Rembrandt made in 1936 and starring Charles Laughton. Apart from it being a wonderful movie that’s sublimely written, acted, and filmed, it’s also a beautiful portrait (pun intended) of a creative man’s life. It also questions why one creates at all and by the film’s end draws the conclusion (or at least I draw this conclusion of the film’s intent) that all creativity is based on vanity. The need to be read, to be heard, to be seen. 

Obviously making money with your creativity is a factor too if it’s your profession. We’re all fond of eating, after all. However, I do think the need to be recognized for your work is another huge motivation. 

And with the Internet it’s gone even further. Now everyone feels they need to be seen and heard. Creative or not. Facebook, Twitter/X, Tumblr, Instagram, whatever, all of it allowing anyone and everyone to give their opinions, feelings, or just to let the world know how good their last cup of coffee was. 

Now let me stress, I’m not knocking anyone for doing this. I accept that part of the joy I get from creating is derived from people seeing what I do. That delicious uncertainty as to whether this or that work by me is liked or not. And yes, I’m like all other creators when they declare “oh, I never pay attention to that sort of thing, it might adversely affect/bias my work.” I really try not to take notice of criticism for that reason. I do. But with that said, it’s sometimes hard not to check people’s opinions, even if at the end of the day, those opinions are just and only that, and shouldn’t matter or affect one’s work in its purest form.

And with that in mind, I do wonder about the worthiness of having a site at all. Does anything I say really matter? Is it interesting? Is it just me massaging my already engorged ego? 

Still, here we are. Here is my website that I will endeavor to keep it interesting. You may already beg to differ.

Welcome to my site.

"I used to think maturity was actually enjoying the lulls in Marx Brothers films when Harpo did his harp solo."

- Jack Knight, "Starman"

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